Patron: Her Majesty The Queen

2013 Practitioners Conference
Conor Bowie

Welcome to the Royal Caledonian Education Trust

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust is an education trust supporting the children of Scots who are serving, or who have served, in the Armed Forces. The Trust was established in 1815 and is very proud that Her Majesty The Queen is our Patron.

For some children, repeatedly moving home, schools and communities, can lead to under achievement in school, particularly if families are experiencing financial difficulties, health problems and other issues at home.

We provide support in several ways:

Read some of our stories to find out more about the Trust’s work and about our Education Programme in Scotland.

Or call us now on 020 7463 9232 to find out how you can give your support.

Our fax number will be posted on the website shortly.

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