How we can help – Family Support

Support we can offer

We focus our support around the individual needs of the families who come to us. The support we give includes:

  1. Giving relevant support, advice and guidance to parents and families
  2. Signposting to other support services
  3. Awarding targeted and appropriate financial assistance to families in need of support

Apply for financial assistance

When times are tough, surviving on a low or a limited income can be hard. To help ease money worries we are able to support Armed Forces families with grants to assist with school and university or college expenses. Everyone needs a little support at times and we are there to help you.

There are three funds available to eligible families:

1. School Childrens’ Fund

Each year RCET support hundreds of families who have children in Primary and Secondary school. From clothing to school trips, tuition and equipment, get in touch today if think you might be eligible.

Download the School Children Fund info pack

All applications to this fund must be made via your local SSAFA branch. Find Your Local SSAFA Branch

2. College and University Student’s Fund

RCET have a limited pot of funds which are awarded to young people going to college or university. The monthly payment can be a great help to families under financial stress. Get in touch today to apply for an award.

Download the College and University Students Fund info pack

Download the College and University Students’ Fund Application form

3. Crisis Intervention Fund/Well-being Support

As of 2018 RCET are able to give financial assistance to families who are experiencing financial crisis or need extra support around the wellbeing of a child.

Download the Crisis Intervention Wellbeing Support Fund info pack

All applications to this fund must be made via your local SSAFA branch. Find Your Local SSAFA Branch

Who can apply?

We award support for children and young people who are:

  1. Under 21 years of age
  2. With a parent who has served in the UK Armed Forces
  3. The parent who served must either be a born Scot or a non-born Scot who has enduring links with Scotland

Enduring links are defined as:

  • non-born Scots who are currently living and serving in Scotland (minimum of 2 years posting)
  • non-born Scots Veterans who have made Scotland their family home on completion of service

Useful contacts

If we cannot help then many other organisations offer support.
Please see below for more useful links: