RCET’s Education Manager offers bespoke workshops and presentations to educators, community groups, military personnel, parents and children and young people – anyone who has a role in supporting the education and wellbeing of Armed Forces children and young people!

The workshops currently include:

  • Listening to Children’s Voices – offers practical suggestions on strategies to listen to the voices of young people including the importance of Active Listening.
  • Towards an Emotionally Literate School – shares the journey taken by one primary school to becoming an Emotionally Literate School including examining participants’ own emotional awareness and giving practical suggestions for classroom and whole school activities.
  • Dealing with Separation – covers the emotional aspects of being separated from a loved one, especially at times of deployment.
  • Living in a Veteran Family — deals with some of the issues and pressures faced by young people living in a veteran family.
  • Emotional Cycles of Deployment and Separation – deals with the phases of deployment, the emotional impact on the family and how this can affect their daily lives, especially in school.

“Excellent workshop – very informative and has really opened my eyes to the importance of emotional literacy.”

“A really informative and thoughtful presentation on the emotional cycles of deployment.”

We are currently working on moving some of our training into CLPD e-learning modules which we hope will be available through Education Scotland in early 2021.

If you would like to book a presentation or training session, please contact Moira Leslie edprogofficer@rcet.org.uk or telephone 0131 322 7350.