Patron: Her Majesty The Queen


Grants to Qualifying Individuals

Our aim is to support the educational needs of children of Scots who are serving, or who have served, in the British Armed Forces. In each case we strive to help the individual realise his or her potential, whether that be academic, sporting, artistic or vocational.

Those we support must have reached school age before we will consider a grant application however there is no upper age limit to receiving support. Please note that proof of eligibility will be required upon application.

Grants will be considered for items such as:

Primary and Secondary Education
- school clothing and uniform
- after school clubs and activities
- sports equipment
- tuition fees for music, drama and arts courses
- tuition fees for scholars in very exceptional circumstances
- residential school trips in the UK
- school stationery
- support for educational costs in cases of very exceptional difficulty
Tertiary and Further Education
- living expenses provided for the duration of one degree only
- books
- special necessary equipment
- essential course materials

The Trust’s Grants process is currently under review. For any queries please contact the Trust’s Grants Officer by emailing

Updated: 2015

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