How you can help – Donate

Become part of our giving group, THRIVE by pledging a regular donation.

Why should you pledge a regular donation?

  • Regular donations are straightforward to set up and save admin costs, allowing more of your donation to reach our beneficiaries.
  • Knowing we have the pledged support of people like you allows us to plan our services and programmes with confidence.
  • Regular donations come out each month along with your other bills allowing you to plan your personal finances – £10 a month is easier to budget than a £120 one-off donation.
  • Pledge a regular gift and you will automatically join our THRIVE group!

What will you receive as a member of THRIVE?

  • A welcome pack from our Chairman.
  • An exclusive update for THRIVE members each year telling you how your support is helping.
  • An invitation to a special donor event organised for our THRIVE members each year.

Who can be a member of THRIVE?

Anyone who pledges a regular gift to RCET.

How much do you have to give?

You can give as little as £2 a month or as much as you can afford. We trust that you know best how much you are able to give.

Contact us

If you wish to discuss anything regarding your donation please contact our Fundraising team on 0131 322 7350 or email